The Parasitology Laboratory is a top-class and, frequently, a final confirmatory workplace dealing with parasitic infections in Slovakia. Excellent diagnostics is ensured by the highly qualified personnel, modern equipment and exact diagnostic procedures. The Laboratory staff deal with the diagnosis of parasitic infections occurring not only in this territory, but also with parasites endemic in tropical and subtropical territories.

The importance of parasitic infections does not decline, even though most of them do not have serious health effects in Slovakia. On the contrary, their importance is steadily rising, especially that of opportunistic parasitic infections, especially with regard to the spread of HIV / AIDS. Importing parasites and their transmitters from the tropical and subtropical territories to the Slovak territory is a serious issue. Regarding the global warming, the spread of parasites that have not occurred in Slovakia (Echinococcosis, Alveococosis, and Dirofilariosis) or reintroductions of parasitoses recently eradicated from the Slovak territory, e.g. malaria, are possible.

Laboratory diagnostics of parasitic infections is continuously upgraded and modernized according to the current requirements in the advanced countries. The fact that the Laboratory is successful in this work is demonstrated by a large number of scholarly papers published in national and international CC journals, indexed and scholarly database journals, monographs, and monograph chapters. In addition to diagnostics, the knowledge and experience in this field is disseminated through training young laboratory diagnosticians, physicians, graduate and postgraduate students.

The laboratory regularly participates in the international external quality assessment provided by INSTAND e. V.