About Us

Medirex, a. s., a member of the MEDIREX GROUP Group, represents a complex of diagnostic laboratories in the fields of clinical biochemistry, haematology, clinical immunology, toxicology, medical genetics, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, serology, virology, molecular biology and microbiology of the environment.

We provide comprehensive laboratory diagnostics for the most important healthcare facilities in Bratislava, Košice and their surroundings, for a large number of healthcare centers or medical facilities, and for a large number of general and specialized outpatient clinics. Medirex operates state-of-the-art and largest central laboratories, not only in Slovakia, but also in Central Europe within a network of hospital, out-patient clinics and diagnostic laboratories.

In addition to automated analysers of renowned brands, it also has a fully automated robotic sample analysis system, employing top Slovak experts, led by a wide range of erudite staff, thus ensuring high quality and professional evaluation of the obtained results. On a daily basis, we analyse samples from 20,000 patients covering a wide range of parameters across medical disciplines. Our laboratory experts provide physicians with nearly 200, 000 – 250,000 results per day.

Medirex is the contractual partner of all health insurance companies in Slovakia; health care and related activities are covered by patients´ health insurance in accordance with the legislation in force.

MEDIREX GROUP is composed of a group of companies engaged in providing high-quality healthcare ranging from prevention., diagnostics to treatment. It has currently more than 1, 700 employees.